The facts

Community Water Fluoridation is an effective, safe and affordable way to prevent and reduce tooth decay for everyone. – Read more

Hear from trusted professionals

View this video of a range of experts talking about evidence around water fluoridation or read the transcript. You can watch more fluoridation expert videos on YouTube

Common questions

How much difference does having the fluoride in water topped up make? Are there any known side effects to community water fluoridation? – Read more

Report on the benefits and cost of water fluoridation

The Ministry of Health commissioned the Sapere Research Group to provide an up-to-date evaluation of the benefits and costs of water fluoridation, in the New Zealand setting.

Read the full report Review of the Benefits and Costs of Water Fluoridation in New Zealand 2015.

Code of Practice for fluoridation of drinking-water supplies

The Code of Practice for Fluoridation of Drinking-water Supplies in New Zealand was released in December 2014 by Water New Zealand. It provides technical guidelines for treatment plant designers, operators and asset managers.

Report on health effects of water fluoridation

In August 2014, the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Office of the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor produced a report which reviews the scientific evidence for and against the efficacy and safety of community water fluoridation. You can read the report on the Royal Society's website.


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